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If you want to know what I think of Dr. Afzali and her staff all you really need to know is that I live in Portland and I fly to San Diego to see Dr. Afzali for all my dental work. That might seem a bit extreme, and perhaps it is, but hear me out before you decide. A couple of years ago when I was living in the Bay Area I had to have one of my front teeth removed and dental implant inserted in its place by a dentist in the Bay Area. The implant looked a little shorter and darker than my other teeth, and even made my gum above it look a bit darker than the adjacent gum. In short, it didn't look natural. So I wasn't completely satisfied with how my smile looked, but I thought that was the best that could be done. It wasn't.

Last summer while I was in San Diego visiting my parents I went to Dr. Afzali for a routine cleaning. She examined my mouth and immediately asked me whether I was happy with the way my implant looked. When I said I wasn't, she explained that she could make it look better and possibly even indistinguishable from my other teeth. She was right. My implant looks just like my other teeth, and my gum is pink again. In fact, my new implant looks so natural that I sometimes forget it's an implant. I couldn't be happier. One final point. Dr. Afazli's entire staff is great. When I walk in they all make me feel like I'm the most important patient they have. And Julie is particularly great. Because I live in Portland my visits to Dr. Afzali's office had to me perfectly timed with receipt of the various parts necessary for my procedures. Julie made sure that everything arrived when necessary, without fail, so that no flights or appointments had to be rescheduled.

Riley P.

Recently, while on a trip from Canada to visit friends in San Diego, I broke a tooth. I phoned RB Dentistry and was given an appointment without delay. Dr. Mary Afzali was reassuring and professional and did an excellent job fixing the broken tooth. Her dental assistant, Marinette, was kind and gentle and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Julie at Reception was welcoming, warm and made me laugh with her wonderful sense of humour and handled the insurance processing with no complications. Thank you so much Dr. Afzali, Mari and Julie for one of the most pleasant dental appointments I've had in a long time! Hope to see you in Vancouver, B.C. sometime!

Pam C.

I know I am in good hands with Dr. Afzali at RB Family Dentistry. The cavity fillings and tooth root fillings I got there were done so well that when I went to the Southwest College Dental Hygenist school to help out a friend, they could barely even detect the fillings! The teachers there were very impressed. At RB Family Dentistry, the staff and hygenists are friendly, organized and very knowledgable, and the Dr. always gives me as much time as I need and answers all of my questions. The office is beautiful and state-of-the-art. They never try to sell me on additional products or services that I don't need.

Scripps Ranch M

I will be forever indebted to Dr. Afzali and Dr. Sanford. As a University of California Santa Barbara student, I was struck by the assailant's car in the recent school shooting and chipped a large portion of my front tooth along with suffering several other injuries. When Dr. Afzali heard about my situation she offered to have my tooth fixed, free of charge. Dr. Sanford performed the procedure and now my tooth is better than ever. Having that problem dealt with quickly really took a lot off of my mind and I can't thank them enough for their help when i needed it most

Elliot G

R. B Family & Cosmetic Dentistry consistently provides excellent professional, gentle and considerate dental care. During our family's 19 years as patients, requiring multiple crowns, root canals and fillings, Dr Afzali and her very capable supportive dentists, endodontist, hygienists, dental assistants and office staff have strived to make each visit as effective, stress-free and painless as possible.

Alicia W.

I am so impressed by Dr. Afzali's experience as a dentist as well as her bedside manners. I heard about her, and the magic that she does with teeth. I didn’t have any upper teeth when I went to see her; only the roots. I don’t know how she did it but she was able to give me six new, strong, beautiful upper teeth. All the other dentists I visited told me that I had to have those teeth extracted, but Dr. Afzali was able to save me from unnecessary pain and costs. She honestly gave me my confidence back. I now frequently get complimented on my smile and “dazzling” teeth. I owe so much to Dr. Afzali and her amazing staff. Thank you so much for letting me smile again!

Iraj N.

Dr. Mary Afzali was very professional and thorough during my visit. I appreciated her extremely compassionate bed side manner. Her staff members are very knowledgeable and helpful. One of her staff members, Julie was very patient with me and was able to address all my questions and concerns. I had such a pleasant experience here that I have and will refer patience with 100% confidence. Its always nice to leave a doctors office feeling everything was taken care of by a doctor who truly cares.

Abby M.

I first starting coming here a a couple years ago. I was terrified and had not been into a dentist in a long time. Its a beautiful office that is inviting, and the staff is incredible. Friendly, helpful and really concerned with how your experience is. Dr. Stanford is amazing and has taken me through being terrified to sit in a dentist chair to laughing and looking forward to seeing him. I plan to continue coming here as long as I live here in San Diego.

Candy H.

"Five years ago I was referred to Dr. Afzali by a friend and I have never been to a better dentist. I would like you to read this referral as I know going to the dentist for a lot of us is a harrowing experience. For me I knew that I needed a lot of dental work along with cosmetic work so I could smile again with confidence and pride in my smile.
From the very first visit to the present time I think I have had every procedure you can have in the dentist's chair and feeling confident that whatever has to be done to save my teeth has been done with attention to quality, pain free care and highly professional surroundings has made it easy and almost essential for me to make this referral to anyone searching for a dentist they can trust with keeping their mouth healthy and happy.
Dr. Afzali, Dr. Sanford and her supporting staff are incredible. I also needed oral surgery for three implants and Dr. Miner who is on staff also did a remarkable job-the next day I didn't even need the Ibuprofen! Dr. Miner and his assistant made this scary experience not so scary.
Dental work is expensive as we all know and it has taken patience and understanding to do this work as my budget allowed. Saving my natural teeth was top priority and never did I feel the dentist push me into decisions, we made them together and my dental health came first. I still have some work to go and pledge never again to neglect my dentist and finally, as of about a month ago I have a brilliant natural smile that has changed my world! It's really true that your smile can change your confidence level and when a beautiful smile is the first impression people have of you it's a win-win!:)
A great dental office and a great healthy smile-you deserve both!
You can say I referred you, they know me well:)"

Caren I.

"I had a toothache and don't have a regular dentist. I found Bernardo Family Dentistry on my insurance providers list of recommended dentist in my areas. They were able to get me an appointment the next day. When I got in they were so nice. I was amazed to be frank. They did ever they could to make me feel comfortable. They also gave me a lot of options so that I could pick the best dental option for my budget and for myself. The workers and the dentist were amazing. I love them. I would definitely recommend them. They will take good care of you."

Coral S.

"I moved to La Jolla,so I had to change dentists, but Dr. Afzali is great. She helped me with my grinding problem and had a great mouthpiece made for me. She's very friendly and so is her front office staff. Julie (I think that's her name I might be mistaken my memory is bad lately) was always very friendly when checking my daughter and I in."

R C.

I brought my daughter today for a cleaning and check up. Awesome office ! They did a good job cleaning her teeth. Dr. Afzali, as always, is very good, very competent and very nice!!! She explained my daughter's treatment in details and even showed it on a screen so I can better understand her needs. I didnt feel pushed at all. In fact, they are working around my budget. Julie is really good in explaining our benefits. On which is covered and not. They told me that they don't do silver fillings anymore, which is great !!!! Who wants that nasty mercury inside your mouth anyway ! Not on mine and neither my family!
I love my dentist that I wish yelp didnt filter/removed my two other reviews. I want to tell everyone that this office is great !!!!!! They have treated me and my family and even my friends that I have referred to them with respect and their utmost care!!! If we are treated this way, so would you !!!!

Yolly A.

I love the RBFD staff, I appreciate that they have known my family for the last 16 yrs. Julie always greets me with a smile and shows genuine interest in my family.

The Dr is always gentle which I really appreciate because I am normally apprehensive about any type of dental txt.

For these reasons, I continue to recommend RBFD to other friends/family. Thank you all!!!

Maria P.

I just love going in there and seeing the staff. They are amazingly friendly and helpful. Julie is always smiling and the environment is extremely welcoming. I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes either in the room or the chair for work to start being done.

Brad K.

I'm so excited to be apart of the RB dentistry family. Dr. Afzali is one of the nicest and most caring doctors I've ever met. Ever since I was young, I've had major anxiety about dentists. She put my mind at ease with her caring nature. I plan on recommending her to all my friends & coworkers, because I know they will be treated the way I Am. Because of her, I am no longer afraid of the dentist!

Kellie F.

Dr. Mary Afzali was very professional and thorough during my visit. I appreciated her extremely compassionate bed side manner. Her staff members are very knowledgeable and helpful. One of her staff members, Julie was very patient with me and was able to address all my questions and concerns. I had such a pleasant experience here that I have and I will refer patience with 100 % confidence. Its always nice to leave a doctors office feeling everything was taken care of by a doctor who truly cares.

Thank you R.B Family Cosmetic Dentistry!

Abbas M.

My teeth are somewhat genetically challenged but you couldn't tell by my smile. I have been in the care of Dr. Afzali and her staff for about 17 years now and they have done an exception job in maintaining the both the cosmetic and functional aspects of my teeth. In my most recent visit, Dr. Afzali patiently committed extra time to explain treatment options to me in great detail, leaving me very confident in the choices we ultimately made. From Dr. Afzali, through her assistants, to her office personnel, I can't envision a finer collective dental practice to deal with. I wish I could give them an 11 rating!

Wayne R.

Your new office is excellent, except for signing a permission slip with a mouse. The workmanship is excellent and the staff is wonderful. The prices are out of my range so will have to wait for the next crown maybe several years. $3640 is over the top. Please help me!!!!

Anne G.

everybody is not only skilled but also warm, friendly & helpful.

Dr. Eliot P.

Your new hygienist is a vast improvement from the previous one. waiting time however has increased.

Dorothy R.

Wonderful service the staff is very professional and caring. They make sure you feel comfortable while getting work done on your teeth. Gentle touch pain free.

Brenda R.

"Deep cleaning went smoothly. I appreciated being reminded to breath through my nose. Advice about brushing, flossing, etc. presented in four topics was is a good way to remind patient that rinsing mouth is not enough.


I have been coming to RB dentistry for a few years now. I simply adore them! Why? Its simple. I walked in there a couple years ago scared to death of dentists and now with Dr. Stanford I look forward to it. He kind and very gentle. He always makes me feel at ease. Then add how sweet the staff is there and they knock it out of the park.

Candy M.

I had a dental emergency, I called, and was scheduled right away, the service was great, and the issue was resolved rather quickly, I have been a client for more than 15 years, and will continue to come here for a very long time, thanks.


as with every time I visit, a true professional and great staff


fast and very efficient


Outstanding dentist and staff. Navy veteran who has had plenty of drills in my mouth over the years, both military and civilian. The best dentist I've had hands down. Staff is excellent also.


I love Dr. Afzali and all of the staff. Dr. Afzali genuinely cares for her patients and does her best to make the visit pleasant and comfortable.


Another pleasant visit. Dr. Afzali and her staff has always been great. Thank you!

Tom G.

Super friendly, courteous staff and well-run practice. Dr. Afzali is kind and takes time to explain the reasoning behind her recommendations.

Susan L.

outstanding customer service from a longstanding staff attentive to your needs. dentist (Dr.Sanford)has provided me with expert GENTLE care in all facets of dentistry for over 20 years with integrity and honesty about any diagnostic and course of treatment. Truly one of the top dental offices in all of San Diego County.And well worth the drive.

Robert F.

I waited for 2 minutes after my appointment time to be seated...2 whole minutes. It was fantastic. They are so precise and keep a very steady Rhythm at this office that doesn't make a patient feel like they are ever just "sitting there".

Lord Walter

I love you girls... it went fine. Well... they're clean... until scaling in April!


Thank you for excellent service. You are the best.


I had a relatively minor procedure done today during my lunch hour. I got in, got my work done and out. It was as smooth as can be. Friendly staff, no waiting, superb and compentant dentist and staff. love going to my dentist office. I always have a great experince during my visits.

Tofigh P.

Thank you very much for my beautiful smile. I appreciate your attention to details and perfectionism. I can't stop smiling. You are the best.


Needed emergency appointment which was arranged for later the day I called. Was able to have Dr Afzali treat and fill the tooth after X-rays. Have always received excellent treatment at this office and have been seen there for 19 years with complete satisfaction following several complicated extractions and bridges as well as an implant.


My old silver fillings were starting to cause stains. They are now all gone, replaced with new fillings that are colored matched to my teeth perfectly. Thanks R.B. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry!

Woody K.

I LOOOOOOOVE Dr. Afzali....and her entire staff. My wife and I drive from OB to Rancho Bernardo because we love them so much. It's pretty simple really. Everyone is extremely professional, honest and trustworthy. But the kicker is their kindness. Everyone that works at RB Family Dentistry genuinely cares about their patients, and it shows from the moment you walk in the door. I recommend this place to EVERYONE.

Mitch M.

Great service! The dental staff at RB Family Cosmetic Dentistry is the best of its kind. The staff takes the time to get to know their patients. Julie is an amazing receptionist; always friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend RB Family Dentistry to everyone.

Freda C.

This is the first dental office I have had no problems with. I've had mostly bad experiences since I was a kid elsewhere. I've been a patient here for a couple of years and have had some work done and all I can say is 2 thumbs up!

James P

i am usually scared of a dentist but she really made my experience pleasant . wonderful person and a doctor. after all of these years finally I found my dentist that I can trust. thank you doctor

Robert S.

They do a great job and I am always very happy when I leave her office. Kudos !! They treated me well and took care of my issues very promptly and professionally.


I loved going to see the people at RB Family Dentistry - they always treated me like family. I was sad to learn that when my insurance coverage was changed by my employer, RB did not take my new insurance. They were very cool about transferring me to the new dentist though. I will miss them.


I have been a customer at RB Family Dentistry for over 15 years. Throughout my time as a customer at RB Family Dentistry, Dr. Afzali and her staff have provided my family and I with great service, fair treatment pricing, and exceptional dental work. I highly recommend RB Family Dentistry to all who seek quality dental care at a fair price.

Shawheen K.

Excellent care and service from always smiling faces!


My experience was great, even though I had a cavity. Every procedure was explained and I was given options that fit my budget. Everyone in your office has a positive, up beat attitude.

Diana C

Thank you for your gentle touch and friendly atmosphere. I had a very good experience in your office. Definitely recommend you to anyone who is afraid of going to dentist.


Excellent Service. Thank you. You are the best.


I visited RB Family Dentistry's office for a minor follow-up surgical procedure with Dr. Minor in preparation for an implant. He is always willing to explain the procedures to me in detail and I have the utmost confidence in his specialized knowledge and capabilities.


I received excellent care in a matter of hours. Professional and friendly staff. We now have a new family dentist.

Mary Ann F

It's always a good visit.


Dr. Afzali is the greatest!! The hygienist is not in the same category but hopefully this too shall pass.

Dorothy R.

As always I had a great experience. You are the best.
Thank you for taking good care of us.


Dr Mary and Dr Sanford are very gentle and caring. Explain what needs to be done. Did not come up with some over priced plan and truly listened to me. Nor did they try to sell me services I did not need. The staff is friendly and go out of their way to see you are comfortable and needs are met.

Carol M.

I went almost 10 years without seeing a dentist because of bad experiences, but Dr. Afzali made me feel at home. She has a great staff, and none of them try to talk you into procedures that you don't need. I would recommend them to EVERYONE!

Kellie F.

As always, I rate my visit with this office excellent. I am very pleased with the doctors, staff and results at every visit.

Caren I.

My visit was excellent. Dr. Afzali and her team are very professional and courteous. They never force treatment and try to listen to the patient. I always feel that my opinion matters to them. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a caring dentist who takes time to listen to her patients.


I'm so excited to be apart of the RB dentistry family. Dr. Afzali is one of the nicest and most caring doctors I've ever met. Ever since I was young, I;ve had major anxiety about dentists. She put my mind at ease with her caring nature. I plan on recommending her to all my friends & coworkers, because I know they will be treated the way I Am. Because of her, I am no longer afraid of the dentist!

Kellie F.

happy, friendly warm staff and excellent dentistry

Eliot P.

On time, good hygienist check and cleaning. Friendly, efficient team.

Rzella N.

You guys are awesome... Thanks for getting me in the chair quickly and promptly and working on my teeth cleaning. Thanks!

David L.

Good personal attention. Great job!

James C.

I see Dr. Sanford and he is wonderful. I am very sensitive and get scared at the dentist but I totally trust my dentist. I highly recommend them especially if you are a very nervous person at the dentist!!

Ashley N.

I went to see the doctor to fix an implant problem. She was very kind and made me feel comfortable and confident.
The staff is very attentive.'Very pleasant experience!

Christiane S.

The 2 plus hours it took to clean my teeth, prep molar and make impression for a crown went by really fast, but made me feel very secure. I know that the time used was to make sure every detail was covered and professional cleanliness as well as courtesy ensured. thanks you


Great experience!! They are so friendly and kind

Karla R.

Always a great experience with your wonderful staff.
Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable.

Cael B.

Service was superb. Job well done.

Keegan H.

A painful procedure was scheduled. Drs. Afzali and Standford were both caring and generous with their time. This made the procedure almost pleasant.

Peggy T.

Thanks for making me feel very comfortable in your office. The staff was wonderful. Once I'm done with the TMJ issues and am ok for dental work I'll be I'm for a cleaning and to have work done on that front tooth. Again thanks.

Susan V.

A very good experience from a staff who really cared for my comfort, and were very cautious regarding my existing health issues.
The entire staff was very welcoming, and the facility was extremely clean...I am very pleased and satisfied, and will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a family and cosmetic dentistry.

Jaquita R.

I have always received the bestcare at your office. Everyone, from the doctors to office employees, is very professional and courteous. I feel that I am more than a patient: I am treated like a family.

Zahra T.

My kids and I both go here. The staff is very professional. My kids used to go to a pediatric dentist but started coming here with me because it's easier to make all of our appointment at the same place together. The whole staff if great and I am happy that my kids get to go to a place they can stay with as they mature.


Very professional office with excellent service and care.

Joseph G.

Thank you for saving me the expense of a NEW crown! The very short crown (done by a previous dentist) that popped off last weekend was carefully cleaned up, and re-installed into my mouth with the greatest of care as well as DR. A. showing consideration for my financial boundries.


Great! Always a pleasure, timely and professional

Wilbur R.

Excellent - very satisfied with treatment.

Sheila O.

No waiting; efficient treatment; amiable staff.

Ranford S.

Dentist was very pleasant and conversational and gave very detailed explanation of how plaque can get into bloodstream from not flossing.
I am motivated!

Patricia M.

This was another pleasant visit RB Dentistry. Even though it was just a cleaning, the staff is always very friendly to me, from the front desk, to the dental assistant, and the hygienist that worked on me. I've been regular patient for over 5 years and will continue. These folks are very professional, kind, and care about their patients.


Dr. Afzali anbd her staff are so warm and welcoming. I had such as positive experience there that I no longer will dread going to the dentist. I felt that they were extremely honest and very professional. I recommend them to anyone who wants high quality dental work in a pleasant environment.

Amanda M.

Excellent Dental Care.

Wilbur C.

They have done a great job with my invisalign. I would highly recommend this office to anyone tooling for a dentist or orthodontist.

David S.

another phenomenal visit! in and out so quick, no pain, only sparkling white teeth!!

Justin A.

When I went in for my check-up and teeth cleaning, I was surprised Dr. Sanford was not there, but had Dr. Pepper. I was very impressed with her and she has good "bedisde manner" with the clients. She is a good find and a good fit for this office. I was very pleasantly surprised that she exceeded my expectations and would recommend her to anyone. Kudos to Dr. "A" for finding such a good dentist for her practice.

Sally H.

No waiting and great teamwork which resulted in a happy patient.

Dorothy R.

It wasn't bad at all and everyone is so niice.

Ann T.

Arrived for scheduled appointment and promptly escorted to chair for cleaning procedure. Dr. Sanford explained what he was doing, and was careful to avoid causing any discomfort.
Very pleased with visit.

Edward E.

The staff and the doctors are wonderful. The practice is peaceful, professional, and utmost respect is provided to the patient. I feel like I am at a spa rather than a dental office. While very diligent in cleaning and treatment, every care is taken to provide comfort and a painless procedure. Five star care!

Debra K.

I love the good ol' fashioned personal attention and never feel rushed or "nickle and dimed". Very friendly and caring staff. Thank you!

Melanie A.

What a great office. I didn't feel rushed...everything was explained in detail...sataff is teriffic...very professional and pleasant. From a patient perspective you rate A+

Debra K.

I had gone to several people regarding what I could do with my smile and had no options, other than braces once again. When I went here I had options, I had more that I even thought I could. I am eagerly awaiting my "snap on smile". Then I can stathaving an implant put in without being embarrased.
Thank you!!!

Jessica H

I have been a patient of RB Family Dentistry for over 15 years. I continue to be a patient because of the friendly doctors and staff, and the high level of care I receive at all visits. The Staff always have a friendly smile and greet you upon arrival.

Nadene L.

Felt rushed probably due appointment being scheduled on a Friday. However, atmosphere is really friendly and everybody in the office is friendly as well.


I needed urgent and more technically challenging treatment, I received exactly that from the doctor and her staff. Everyone I met there was genuinely compassionate toward me. Superb operation they are running!

Neil M.

I've been using RB Family Dentistry since 2006, they are very professional, caring, thorough, and the most knowledgeable dental office I've encountered in my 14 years of being in California. They are expensive, but worth it.

Thomas G.

I am extremely pleased and grateful that I was referred to this particular dentist's office for the work and maintenance I need. The Dr.s are excellent and the staff warm and professional.

I need an awful lot of work and have great confidence in the expertise of Dr. Afzali. She insists on perfection in her work.

Caren I.

It was great...thank u for all your patience with Chris, he made u guys work...sorry. Over all it was a great experience.

Christopher M.

Dr Sandford was very caring. Explained and recommended treatment in plain English.

Dang H.

Very pleasant visit. Was in and out quickly.

Diana C.

Since living in California I have seen 3 different dentist and all where horrible visits. I was relieved to find R.B. Dentisrty to be a very friendly and relaxing attmosphere. The staff is great and really took the time to understand what I needed and actually exceeded my expectations! Great, just great is all I can say!

Heidi D.

good clean operation. good doctors with the best equipment.

Patrick M.

The staff pays attention to your your long term teeth and gum conditions, noting positive and negative trends and recommending reasonable solutions.


I found Dr. Afzali and the staff to be very professional and gentle. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a family dentist, no matter what your age.


I had a broken crown and my regular dentist was not in on Friday afternoons. Dr. Afzali saw me immediately and temporarily repaired my tooth, saving me any discomfort the weekend might have brought. She and the clinic staff are very professional and gentle. Thank you so much!


Explained the procedure very well, gave good feedback on condition of my teeth and gums.


I was on vacation in San Diego from OH and my brother's step daughter referred me here as this is her dentist. They took me in like family and helped me tremendously!

Diana D.

Short waits, good staff, excellent care.


I am so glad I found RB Family Dentistry. When I first went in a few years ago, I had a lot of work to get done and I was scared. Dr. Afzali and Julie worked me through everything and my teeth are fantastic and healthy now. Even after I moved an hour away, I still come to this dentist because I don't think I would find anyone better.


I, like most, hate going to the dentist. However they really are great there. Very concerned about my comfort and very helpful. I don't mind going so much now. :)

Ashley N.

personally felt welcome-not just another patient-very concerned about my comfort-also feel very safe and confident in the quality of their knowledge and service.

Caren I.

The doctors are always courteous, attentive and caring. Thank you!

Maria P.

Everyone was very friendly and made me comfortable. Was the best of all the Dentists I have been too.

Ann T.

Every step of the way went smooth. Went well over my expectations.

Michael S.

The entire staff was highly competent; the x-ray process was very professional and accurate; the tooth cleaning process was the best I've every enjoyed!

Dr. Afzali is an excellent dentist:

the work she performed for my concern was most effective and definately the right thing (exactly) for my specific circumstances. I so appreciate the efforts put forth by everyone at her office: I was scared and nervous but they were all careful. I thought the total fees were low for the amount

of work they succussfully accomplished. I am definately planning to continue dental treatments with Dr. Afzali's office.

Twilah Yvonne F.

They were very nice and helpful. I was in a little bit of a hurry and they really worked with me without rushing. Very comfortable enviromnent.

Ashley N.

i've had a TON of work done here...they're great!!

Justin A.

Early for appointment but taken right away with no wait. As always I'm very happy with your facility.

Dorothy R.

Very comfortable office and a professional, friendly staff make the visits pleasant. They run their appointments on time as well so no unnecessary waiting. The doctors and technicians really care and are very talented. I've been a very satisfied customer for over 5 years and will continue to return.


Fixed my problem on first visit, thorough evaluation of future work needed, and close consideration of financial and insurance considerations.


The staff is super friendly and sweet! They made the experience really plesant. I loved my dentist, Dr. Jim Sanford-he's the best! He's kind, thorough, extremely patient and made me feel completely at ease. I can't wait to go back to get another cleaning!

Allie B.

NO long waits, pain or worries!

Melanie A.

Everyone was very friendly. No waiting time, didn't even have time to read my newspaper. The doctor aswered all my questions in a way that made practical sence. No pressure to do unnessary treatments, or treatments not covered by insurance.

Diana C.

Wonderful and caring in an emergency situation. I was relaxed and very happy to know that I was able to get treatment within the day.


Good, fast service. Time waiting was minimal and much appreciated.


After my first visit, I am very pleased with the practice.

Michael B.

you guys are the greatest

Roberta P.

I've had the pleasure of getting quite a bit of work done at R.B. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. They have always been able to accomodate me and my son and have great attitudes across the entire staff. I will continue to return to them!

Jaiden M.

Overall nice experience. Everything was quick.

Hiya B.

Very comfortable, courteous, professional

Joan F.

everyone is great and Victor did a great job whitening my teeth

Roberta P.

After 10 years we are still surprised at the wonderful service provided by Dr. Afzali and her team. From the minute you walk in through their doors, you are greeted and taken care of.


Dr. Sanford is the best doctor. The staff are friendlly and very knowledgeable

Ali A.

I Had a good visit. It is like seeing old friends.


Outstanding service, professional and friendly atmosphere. Always a pleasure having work done here!

Wilbur R.

Very professional and courteous.

Mario O.

My family has been seen by R. B. Family dentistry since 1997 when my son 3 years old. They have always been comforting, attentive, professional, accomidating when scheduling appointments and extremely caring & friendly. I would not think of taking my family anywhere else. They are an exceptional team.


Employees listened to my concerns and acted on them. Everyone is very friendly and warm.

Nadene L.

Great staff that always trys to make going to the dentist a good experience

Karen P.

I have been very happy with the service at every step of the way, everyone has listened to all (I mean all) my concerns and have taken the step to make it as easy on me as possible. I never give a 5 cause we can all improve

Roberta P.

Your practice offers a wonderful experience, from the friendly professional staff members, to the understanding and meticulous Dentists.

I've had x-rays taken, teeth cleaned and filled in three separate visits. All three were exceptional experiences, I would gladly refer my family/friends to your practice :)

Merry N.



i have had nothing but great experiences!

Ever L.

Julie is very friendly, a pleasure to see. The doctor and assistant always make sure you are comfortable and answer all quiestions. If I can't afford a procedure that is for appearances only, I don't feel pressured. I'm advised what is important to do for my health

Diana C.

This was my first time into this dentist. I felt the Doctor and all the support team were excellent. i am not fond of dentists but the entire staff made me feel comfortable.


The dentists and staff are very courteous and they are reasonable about fees and service charges. The staff is always ready for me when I arrive and they treat me like they appreciate me.


RB Family Dentistry has been our dental office for years. They are professional, friendly and easy to work with.


If you have to go to the dentist, this is the one to choose.


I've been with RB Family dentistry for almost 10 years now and have taken care of me and my family. Dr Afzali and her crew are all great especially Julie. I highly recommend their services.

Mel V.

I had a horrible experience at my previous dentist which ended up with me needing a root canal. After receiving a recommendation from a friend to try Dr. Afzali's office, I went in as a new patient and everyone in the office was incredible. The ladies are all so lovely and gave me so much information as to what was going on with my tooth. I would recommend them to anyone in need of dental work, the experience was actually enjoyable. Great business, great staff, and great atmosphere.

Lucia P

I and my family have been going to RB Family Dentistry for about twenty years now and can't say enough how lucky we have been. This is the greatest dental office I have ever came across. The Staff are courteous and professional. Dr. Afzli and staff have done an amazing job for all my family members. All of the equipment are state of the arts. from their digital X-Ray machine to the dental imaging equipment. Both myself and my wife recently had two crowns done. it took only one try to get the crowns done because of precise imaging that is used to get thing done the first time. The hygienists are great and do a thorough job. My son lives in Tucson, but he prefers to come to RB dentistry to get his dental needs taking care of. The office located on ground floor which makes it easily accessible if you elderly or a person with physical disability. This the great place to go to for a great service.

Ahmad M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Afzali's for over 15 years and cannot begin to say enough good things about her skills as a dentist. Dr. Afzali is the consummate professional and I truly feel at ease in her dentist chair. Over the years I have needed many different things done to my teeth, and every time she has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Afzali always treats me with respect and treats you like she really cares. This is actually a pretty big deal, for I tend to be "dentist-phobic" given the many bad experiences I have had with dentists throughout my life. The office staff is friendly and accommodating. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have chosen Dr. Afzali for my dental care!!!

D K.

5 STARS! -- As a Patient of RB Family Dentistry of over 10+ years - -they're everything in a Dentistry Practice you're looking for! Their location is most importantly CLEAN, they use modern high-tech equipment and the bays are spacious. The Front Staff are professional and accommodating to your busy schedules, Dental Hygienists are thorough and gentle, then when it comes to Dr. Afzali - she has an eye for details and goes the extra mile for you!

I would highly recomment RB Family Dentistry to anyone -- come check them out and find out for yourself!

Tre M.

I've been a patient here for quite a while and I can honestly say they really do their best to accommodate all their patients. Everyone who works here is kind and patient towards anyone that comes through the door. Every time I have had a procedure they explain exactly what's going on and check in on your pain management. They go above and beyond the call of duty, and this is evident in their care for my sister. My sister had an implant put in by another dentist, but their work left much to be desired and was unprofessional to say the least. Upon returning to San Diego from school we visited Dr. Afzali for our check ups. Dr. Afzali, Julie and the rest of their staff quickly assessed the problem with my sisters implant within one appointment and were able to make extra time for her and had fixed the rest of the remaining issues in the following appointment. My sister was extremely pleased with the results. You can trust them to give your teeth the best care.

Paxton P.

What a SUPER GREAT dentist Dr. Sanford is. I had multiple fillings and NO PAIN!!!! I'll never go anywhere else.

Lisa R.

RB Family Dentistry has been one of the best choices I've made for my health. Every visit is a positive experience from the front desk to the chair. Dr. Azfali and her staff take time to answer questions and address concerns with care. I never feel rushed. Instead, I leave feeling that I was their first priority. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone.

Summer R.

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