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Your Child's First Visit to the Dentist


The American Dental Association recommends that a child’s introduction to professional dental care should take place no later than their first birthday.  A visit within about six months of their first tooth’s arrival would be ideal since dental problems can begin at an early age. Most cavities in children start to develop before age three. Baby bottle tooth decay, prolonged thumb sucking and early cavities are very common issues that can later result in expensive, painful, dental procedures . However, these problems can be easily avoided, if addressed early on, with excellent dental care and engraft solid daily, healthy, oral habits while they are young.

An enjoyable first dental visit will dictate if the child will anticipate or fear their future dental visits. So, a good preparation for your child’s initial dental visit is key to a positive, lifelong dental care. The best time to schedule your child’s first visit is in the morning, when they are rested and most likely to cooperate. Build excitement for the appointment and help your child understand what will happen during the visit. If they find their first visit to be enjoyable, exciting, even curious, then, their future visits will be anticipated and not feared.

Several parents have found it useful to invite their children to the bathroom while they brush and floss. If oral care is part of your daily routine, your child will most likely embrace the value of caring for their teeth as well. Remember that your child’s early experiences will influence their attitude toward dental care, and can help start them on the path to a lifetime of good dental health. Here at RB Dental, you will find only caring, devoted, friendly staff, attentive and mindful of your child’s every need to make that first dental visit a positive experience.

Just as important, an early orthodontic screening may help prevent jaw growth problems and tooth extractions.  It is also recommended that all children visit an orthodontist by age seven.What could be more delightful to you as a parent than to see your child’s dazzling smile? An early orthodontic screening will only reassure that your child’s smile will be healthy and look it’s best. It may also help minimize the need for more extensive treatment at a later date, such as the removal of permanent teeth. Helping build your child’s  fragile self esteem is so important and having rotten teeth, atrocious smile and bad dental hygiene will definitely not  help them.